About Us

About Us

Coin Wrap, Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation founded by Floyd String in 1979. Floyds’ father, Nobel F. String, started in the coin business in 1929. Floyd joined his father after returning from service in the US Navy in 1956.

In 1979 Floyd was approached by Brooks Armored to count, wrap and package coin for them and the first Coin Wrap, Inc. location opened in Wilmington, DE wrapping 500 fifty-roll boxes of coin a day.

A little over 3 decades later Coin Wrap, Inc. has grown from that initial 500 box a day location to handling coin services for a multitude of customers. Operations now span across 40 states in over 70 facilities, wrapping over 70,000 boxes of coin a day, as well as offering a wide scope of new services and products.


Coin Wrap, Inc., a family owned and operated corporation, has been in business since 1979 providing quality services to our customers. Our family’s experience in coin handling systems and methods dates back to 1929.


Coin Wrap, Inc. has, since our inception, steadily increased our volume and customer base each year. Since 1979 our total coin wrapping volume has increased over 20,000%.


During our 40+ years in operation, Coin Wrap, Inc. has never missed an order for wrapped coin. In case of emergency, our large stock of spare parts and machines will make sure the job gets done. Our fully cross-trained associates are available to augment or replace any operator at a moment’s notice. Our standalone locations are a secondary source of boxed coin shipments for regular or emergency orders


To insure the highest quality of coin wrapping service, we operate only CWI 700EZ coin wrapping machines. We recognize these machines as the industry standard. All machines operated are periodically remanufactured and/or replaced on a regular basis. All machine operators are trained in the aspects of quality management.


Security is of paramount importance to Coin Wrap, Inc. Our methods of coin exchange insure that there can be no “paper” shortages in any exchange of coin. Our innovative security-shipping box eliminates many security risks. We provide you with a metal detector for the screening of our employees by your security personnel upon entering and/or exiting your facility.


Contracting with Coin Wrap, Inc. is cost effective. We may be able to purchase your equipment at fair market price, relieving all debts connected with your machinery. We acquire all insurance policies for the operation including unemployment, worker’s compensation, fire, legal, and liability coverage. This saves you many of the hidden costs of coin wrapping.


Coin Wrap, Inc. operates several offices nationwide whose volume ranges from 200,000 rolls per month to 7.5 million rolls per month. We are equally at home processing large and small accounts. Our large stock of spare machines and our ability to install them at your location immediately insures that we can grow with you in a moment’s notice.


Our highly trained expert staff of service technicians is available for telephone support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In addition, our technicians make periodic visits to each location and are available for onsite repair work anytime.


Innovation has been a hallmark at Coin Wrap, Inc. through the years. Our development of a special “anti-pilfer” coin security-shipping box has minimized potential losses due to theft. We have also developed and implemented a roll- cracking machine to eliminate your hand wrapped coin from customers. We have designed and manufactured our rolled coin conveyor, automated coin packaging system (Boxer), and bulk lift for handling bulk bags from the US Mint. These new innovations will enable us to keep our future costs at a minimum.


The management team at Coin Wrap, Inc. has a collective total of over 250 years of coin processing experience. This experience has enabled us to effectively manage numerous coin wrapping installations with a minimum of employee and technical problems. All management personnel have been with our company for several years. Management continuity has enabled us to maintain a stable base of locations.