About CoinWrap

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Company Values

The cornerstone of our value to you is fashioned from our core values. Through decades of EXPERIENCE, we’ve achieved unmatched STABILITY and RELIABILITY: we've never missed an order in our 40+ years of operation. QUALITY is deeply ingrained in our services, from operating the industry-standard CWI 700EZ coin wrapping machines to ensuring meticulous quality management. We prioritize your SECURITY, offering advanced coin exchange methods and innovative measures to minimize risks. Our services provide significant SAVINGS, eliminating hidden costs of coin wrapping. FLEXIBILITY is our strength, accommodating diverse needs, no matter the volume of your requirements. As pioneers in coin, we are committed to INNOVATION, always aiming to enhance our services and streamline operations through always-ready TECHNICAL SUPPORT and dedicated MANAGEMENT. These values are not just words: they are the very currency of our every interaction with you.

Experience & Stability

CoinWrap is a family owned and operated corporation and our heritage or experience in coin handling systems and methods dates back to 1929.


40+ years in operation, CoinWrap has never missed a coin order. Our fully cross-trained associates are available to augment or replace any operator at a moment’s notice.


To provide the highest quality wrapping service, CoinWrap operates proprietary CWI 700EZ coin wrapping machines. As the industry standard.


Security is of paramount importance to CoinWrap. Our policies, procedures and processes enable the efficient documentation of all on-site and off-site coin exchanges.


CoinWrap operates in many locations nationwide with volumes ranging from 200K to 7.5M rolls/month. We understand that operations are not “one-size-fits-all.”

Operations & Tech Support

CoinWrap’s expert service technicians provide telephone support 24 hours per day x 7 days a week and supported by site visits as needed.


Since inception innovation has been a CoinWrap hallmark. Our special “anti-pilfer” coin security-shipping box has minimized potential losses due to theft.


Outsourcing with CoinWrap is cost-effective. We supply the labor, equipment and supplies - eliminating the need for leases and service contracts.


CoinWrap’s management team have 250+ years of coin related experience.

Our history and mission

Nobel F. String (pictured left) started in the coin business in 1929 — a proud legacy that inspired his son, Floyd String, to found CoinWrap in 1979. That initial 500 box-a-day business now spans 40 states, 70 facilities and wraps over 70K boxes of coin daily. In pioneering coin wrapping technology and services, we committed to a mission of innovation and reliability that continues to this day: setting industry standards while remaining responsive to our client's evolving needs. (Floyd & Lois String pictured right)

Careers at CoinWrap

CoinWrap continues to build its industry-leading team! Are you an individual who shares our passion for innovation, reliability, and service? We offer a dynamic environment where you can grow and contribute to shaping the future of coin. Learn more about career opportunities and what it takes to join the CoinWrap family on our Careers page.

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