Transforming Coin Fulfillment
with our Innovative Suite
of "Coin2" Solutions

CoinWrap has a long history of working across the industry on coin specialty projects. We will work closely with any organization to develop the solutions that resolve the coin related issues that arise in many coin production environments. Challenge our team to provide your organization with a coin solution and/or service plan that resolves your most pressing coin related issues.

Our innovative suite of "Coin2" solutions were designed with the customer in mind.

Do you need coin delivered to your dock?
As a one-stop-coin-shop we manage all coin aspects. We can exchange OC2 Compliant Fed Standard bags with boxed coin of any denomination of equal value or sell pallets of boxed coin.

Do your clients need rolled coin orders?  
Our combo boxes contain various quantities of wrapped coin for delivery nationwide. Our combos ship via USPS Registered Mail and include USPS Tracking and Signature Delivery Confirmation.

Do you have coin that needs to be wrapped?
Our locations provide wrapping services for coin orders of all sizes. We can verify/package your coin and/or exchange loose coin bags for packaged coin. Inquire about our turnaround time.

Do you have loose change to be deposited?
We accept Fed standard bags, mixed coin bags as well as non-standard / proprietary containers of all types and sizes.

Do you have coin that needs to be moved?    
Our 3rd Party Logistics Services can ship bulk coin nationwide with a maximum of 3 stops per load. All loads are fully insured for contents and monitored with GPS tracking systems.