The Largest Coin Only
Services Provider Supporting
the Entire Supply Chain

CoinWrap is the largest, privately owned coin only services provider supporting the entire coin supply chain. We focus on implementing total coin solutions that include the processing and packaging of U.S. coins. We have the staff, products, services, experience and equipment to manage coin projects of any size at your location or from our standalone sites.

CoinWrap standalone locations have been approved by the US Treasury Department for U.S. Mint operations and are fully insured for contents and monitored by sophisticated security systems. We manage FRB Coin Depots from our Middletown, Dallas and Denver sites. We are the trusted partner at 60+ coin terminal locations and also support the coin requirements for many other entities from our locations in (Charlotte, Los Angeles and Minneapolis/St.Paul). The table below summarizes the products and services we provide our Partners; The Fulfillment Services page provides details on other coin services.

Coin Products and Services
Complete wrapping services to include:
- 50 count box - Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quater, Half Dollars; Dollar Boxes are 40 count
- 25 count box - Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter: Available on request (call for other denomination)
- 10 count box - Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter: Available on request (call for other denomination)

- See fulfillment option from our standalone locations on our brochure
Specialty packaging of rolls, boxes and bags for any amount of coin and/or tokens
Coin deposit verification processing with detailed reporting back to the customer including the sorting of non-processable items (bent, foreign, tokens, etc.) for recycling / repatriation
Full range of coin management services are available on an outsourcing or sub-contracted basis
Business continuity for packaging and/or verification is available from our standalone sites.
Manage all full coin pallet aspects, i.e, balancing each inventory to the penny, daily.
Hold client inventories and manage all inventory control and monitoring aspects including recieving, verification, packaging, order fulfillment, shipping, balancing, auditing, posting, and reporting
Process large quantities of propietary coin containers with detailed reporting
Short-long-term high security storage is available in certain facilities as space / demand warrants
Leasing and maintenance contracts on coin wrapping equipment